‘The Minuteman’: First photo of Liam Neeson’s new action movie

Who would have told us a few years ago that actor Liam Neeson would become an action star on the level of Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger? It all started thanks to the success of the movie ‘Vengeance’, and since then, the actor has repeated the formula whenever he could, as we can see in this first image of ‘The Minuteman’, his latest action tape, published by The Hollywood Reporter.

Behind the project is Voltage Pictures, who is looking for an international buyer for the film in the American Film Market. Meanwhile, CAA and UTA independent Film Group have American rights to the title, production has been commissioned by Zero Gravity Management and Sculptor Media, and executive produced by Voltage and Raven Capital Management.

War veteran

Recently, we were able to enjoy Neeson’s hitman skills in ‘Subzero Revenge’ and ‘Men in Black: International’. In ‘The Minuteman’, the actor will take on the role of a Vietnam War veteran who lives on his ranch in Arizona, but without warning, he will have to take care of the safety of a young boy who is chased by the Mexican poster.

Along with Neeson, we will find Dylan Kenin, Chase Mullins and Teresa Ruiz in the cast. In addition, Neeson is preparing ‘Honest Thief’, a film about a bank robber who tries to change his way of life, and ‘Made in Italy’, a comedy about a bohemian artist who travels from London to Italy. ‘The Minuteman’ has no release date set yet.

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