Liam Neeson explains how he got to star in ‘Vengeance’ and that he was convinced the movie would be a flop

We did the first ‘Vengeance’ 13 years ago and he was just 55 when we finished it. My dear late wife and I were at a festival in Shanghai because she was presenting a film and Luc Besson was on the jury.

I had read the script for ‘Vengeance’ and I approached him to say, “Look, I’m sure I’m not even close to your list of actors for this, but I was a boxer, I love doing the fight scenes and I have done some movies. witchcraft with swords and shit. Please think of me for this. ” When it came down to it they offered it to me and obviously I felt like a kid in a toy store doing it, dealing with these stuntmen and working on the action scenes and weapons training. I loved.

That does not mean that Neeson had very little confidence in the possible success of ‘Vengeance’, something that he had already commented on on occasion. After all, it was not a movie that had anything special about the role, and the actor delves into it as follows:

I’ve said it before and I don’t mean to offend Robert Kamen, our yellow screenwriter and friend of mine, but I thought, “Well, this will go straight to video. A little European thriller that might go well for a couple of weeks in France and then go straight to video”. But it worked well in France and then it went straight to South Korea, where it did very well too. One day I was on a call with my nephews from Ireland and they said (puts on a drugged voice “)” Um, Uncle Liam, we saw your movie. “I said,” Which one? “And they said” Um, ‘Revenge’ ” I said, “What do you mean? You couldn’t do it seen “and they replied” Well, we downloaded it from South Korea. “

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