From ‘No Identity’ to ‘Vengeance’, the films of Liam Neeson taking revenge

At the beginning of the century, few if any identified Liam Neeson as one of the most important figures in action cinema. But after the release and surprising success of the French film ‘Revenge’, Neeson’s career took a 180 degree turn.

Thank you, or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), the Northern Ireland-born actor went from playing dramatic roles of weight in award season to starring in various thrillers and action films in which he used to take the role of ex-police officer, retired military officer or spy. Now it is in premiere thanks to his latest film (‘Revenge below zero’) in which you are sure, he will wield a gun.

In this film, Neeson will play a snow plow driver who sees how his routine life changes after the death of his son. This will lead to a war against drug traffickers and criminals where he only has his snow plowing machinery to defend himself. We will have to wait to see where this movie ends, but in the meantime we can review, from worst to best, Liam Neeson’s action tapes.

He has just released ‘Men in Black: International’, and in the future it seems that the British will continue to alternate dramas and comedies with the action films that have brought him fame and money during the last decade: In ‘Ordinary Love’ he will share the screen with Lesley Manville; in ‘Made in Italy’ he will play a bohemian artist who has to deal with his son; Finally, it will be ‘The Minuteman’ and ‘Honest Thief’ that will continue to delight fans of the most hitman Neeson.

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